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Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Gillian Simpson

Hi everyone, I’m Gillian Simpson and a senior here at BHS. I’ve been Editor in Chief of Unleashed for the past two years, and a member of the club for the past four years. I’m very excited to work with all the new and old section editors and writers this year. Other than working on the newspaper, I enjoy reading and watching extensive amounts of television. Overall, I’m very excited for a great year with some awesome articles!

Opinion Editor: Huda Saeed

Hello everyone! My name is Huda Saeed, and I am in the Class of 2019. I am the Opinion Editor of Unleashed, since I am a very opinionated person. I try to keep up with all the crazy news going on these days and I have firm beliefs in certain areas, which is where Unleashed comes in. Besides this, I love to read and watch films, and I am excited for the wide variety of discussions this section of the newspaper will bring to Bedford High School!

Arts & Entertainment Editor: Veronica Gikas

Bonjour everyone, my name is Veronica Gikas and I am a ~senior~ here at BHS. I’m extremely excited for this to be my second year as the Arts and Entertainment editor for Unleashed! Things I love: clothes, edgy music, jalapenos, and always sharing my opinion on politics (kindly). I also enjoy conspiracy theories, ones I believe: Avril Lavigne is Melissa, we didn’t land on the moon, and the Illuminati is among us.

Photography Editor: Katie Lewis

My name is Katie Lewis and I am the photography editor for the school year! I have been a part of Bedford High School’s Unleashed since freshman year and not only do I love writing but I also love taking pictures so being able to do both is amazing. When I am not working on the newspaper or doing homework I also enjoy dancing and reading. I’m a senior and I can’t wait for the upcoming year and being able to support these wonderful articles with just as amazing pictures!

News Editor: Amanda Xie

Hi everyone! My name is Amanda Xie, and I am a junior here at BHS. This is my second year as Unleashed's News Editor. Aside from writing, I enjoy anything involving music. Obviously, sleeping is my biggest hobby, but watching Netflix is a close second. I’m also involved in several clubs around our school, and I hope I can use that involvement to bring attention to often unrecognized events for Unleashed readers. I am beyond excited for what’s to come and I can tell that this school year will be the best yet!

Sports Editor: Abby Tjie

I'm Abby Tjie, a junior at BHS, and I’m the 2018-19 Sports Editor for BHS Unleashed. I find sports exciting because every sport has unique competition and the need for immense physical and mental strength. I’ve tried many sports growing up, and am currently a part of the tennis and swim teams at BHS. Outside of sports, I enjoy reading, music, and science. I also enjoy writing and being able to listen others' stories and opinions, which led me to the newspaper!

Advertising Editor: Elle Monfried

Hi everybody! I am Elle Monfried and also this years advertisement editor. The advertisement position is new this year and created to get more attraction to our amazing newspaper! Other than my involvement in Unleashed, I love sports and social media. I play volleyball and tennis for BHS, while at home I am always watching Netflix or cuddling with my dogs. I am very excited for this years Newspaper and cannot wait to see what this year will bring!

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Feature Editor: Jennifer McDonald

My name is Jennifer McDonald, and, for those who do not know me, one of the most imperative parts of myself is my love for humanities. Even in my younger years, I favored reading the Harry Potter books over communicating with real people. This adoration for immersing myself in fictional worlds has lead me to a greater appreciation for the wonder of words, and the complex sentences they can construct. Hence why I joined BHS Unleashed; although my job as Feature Editor is to cover reality rather than the fantastical, I adore doing so in creative ways!

Science and Technology Editor: Sarah Avampato

My name is Sarah Avampato, I am a Bedford High School sophomore and editor for the science and technology section. In my free time I enjoy writing and working with technology and builds. I am an avid hiker and enjoy spending time outside with my dog. As science and technology editor my goal is to expose more students to how science and technology affects our every day lives and keep students aware of new changes in these fields.