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Editorial Staff

Co Editor-in-Chief: Jenny McDonald

Co Editor-in-Chief: Abby Tjie

My name is Abby Tjie, and I am a senior. I've been a member of BHS Unleashed since my freshman year, and truly believe that writing articles for our club, or even just reading our articles has something to offer for everyone. Along with Unleashed, I am a part of DECA, Science Olympiad, and Woman's Rights Advocacy Club here at Bedford High School. In my free time, I enjoy writing songs and playing the piano and guitar. I am excited to grow and improve our presence this year, and inspire our writers to keep writing and reporting! With BHS Unleashed, my mission is to bring accurate and appealing news to Bedford High School students while also giving every single student an opportunity to be a part of our club and to share their voice.

News Editor: Amanda Xie

Hi everyone! My name is Amanda Xie, and I am a senior here at BHS. This is my third year as Unleashed's News Editor. Aside from writing, I enjoy anything involving music. Obviously, sleeping is my biggest hobby, but watching Netflix is a close second. I’m also involved in several clubs around our school, and I hope I can use that involvement to bring attention to often unrecognized events for Unleashed readers. I am beyond excited for what’s to come and I can tell that this school year will be the best yet!

Opinion Editor: Jasmin Kuo

Hi there! My name is Jasmin Kuo, and I am a senior at BHS. This is my second year at Unleashed, and I am excited to bring in assertive articles full of refreshing and original perspectives to the student population here at Bedford High School! Besides from Unleashed, I also participate in and have created several other clubs. A list of my hobbies include writing (obviously), reading (ditto), painting, playing the piano, eating, sleeping, and breathing. I look forward to a great year with more writers and readers joining the Unleashed family!

Arts & Entertainment Editor: McKenna Casey

Hi, I'm McKenna, and I'm a junior at BHS. I have a passion for writing in all its many forms. I also love dogs and wearing sweatpants. Alsom if you need a book recommendation, I'm your girl! I'm so happy to be Editor of the Arts and Entertainment column this year at Unleashed.

Sports Editor: Holly Souter

Hi everyone! My name is Holly Souter and I am a junior. This is my second year apart of Unleashed and I absolutely love it! Along with Unleashed, I am a three season athlete so I am constantly a part of sports. I have grown up in a household where New England sports are constantly praised, so I have obviously grown to love them. When I'm not busy the beach and lake are my favorite places in the world, and I am also obsessed with traveling. I am so excited for this year in Unleashed and have high hopes for our sports articles!

Science & Technology Editor: Sarah Avampato

My name is Sarah Avampato, I am a Bedford High School sophomore and editor for the science and technology section. In my free time I enjoy writing and working with technology and builds. I am an avid hiker and enjoy spending time outside with my dog. As science and technology editor my goal is to expose more students to how science and technology affects our every day lives and keep students aware of new changes in these fields.